Plans for the weekend 2016-09-23

This weekends plans are as follows

  1. Swimming Lessons
  2. Food Shopping
  3. House Tidying
  4. Softplay and bouncy castle
  5. Washing and Ironing
  6. Coffee
  7. Coffee
  8. Coffee
  9. Coffee
  10. Coffee
  11. 8pm ish
  12. Wine
  13. Wine
  14. Wine
  15. Wine
  16. Sunday
  17. Sleep!!!

At frequent points in between all of that I will be checking up on my poorly Gran, my hubby is off work this Sunday which doesn’t happy often so we may do something more its all dependent on the weather.

The inlaws want to come round on Sunday but there reaction to my gran being poorly was no non plus that my husband has said that they are not coming round.

Please Wish me luck with the first 5  and wish my Gran well 😦

We are all very worried about her.


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