What a day!! 2016-09-23

firstly I get a call at work to say that  my Gran has had a fall and was being taken to hospital.

Then I get home and the boy was in a bit of a grumpy mood but followed his normal routine so still did his reading/ spellings and then filled his reward chart which meant he could get a reward, he wanted another spider-man toy, I have ordered one, he was very excited,

Then I called my Dad to find out about my Gran, apparently she spent 2 hours on the floor waiting for an ambulance, and then another 45mins in the ambulance in A&E waiting to be admitted and then after an x-ray they confirmed she has a broken hip and will need an operation, she had to wait again to be admitted to the ward. My Mum has said not to go see her for a couple of days as she is to unwell and won’t be up to it until after the op.

I have got in touch with my brothers and my sister and updated them on it. My youngest brother and sister were very concerned, still no response from my other brother but he works away and there is a chance that he might be driving home.

The my son starts headbutting my husband for no reason, my husband (his Dad) tapped him on the side of the head to get his attention and told him no, my son went into a complete meltdown. I was cross with my husband for doing it as he knows that my son reacts like this, but to be completely honest it was probably the only way to get his attention, I then had 40 mins of his crying and had to carry him up to bed.

So long story short

Gran poorly, son sad, husband mad, me having a glass of wine and hiding


2 thoughts on “What a day!! 2016-09-23

    • He’s much better this morning thanks, Daddy is at work today so we will see how he reacts when he gets home, but he has had a good swimming lesson and a visit to the library this morning so he is happy.

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