What is making you smile today? 2016-09-23

Its a simple question?

Its so easy to let life pass you by, concentrate on the negatives, concentrate on the things that might have gone wrong and forget about the things that make you smile.

Try and think of something positive that has happened today, even something really small, something that to others may seem really insignificant.

Did someone make you a drink, did someone actually ask you how you are and meant it, they cared. Did a stranger say hello in the street when you have been alone all day and starting to feel the world had forgotten about you?

For me it was when my son ran downstairs this morning, shouting ‘mum mum mum mum mum’ and then ran up to and gave me the biggest hug while I was trying to dash about and get ready for work.

I always have 5 minutes to give my boy a lovely cuddle in the morning.



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