Don’t forget about you! 2016-09-24

As a parent of any child it is easy to throw everything into being a parent and looking after your child, you run around getting them where they need to be and doing what they need to do, you do the shopping, you do the cleaning, and you probably work as well.

It is important that within all of that that you take some time for you!

You are your child’s number one carer, you are the one that they look up to and trust to look after them, if you don’t look after yourself you will not be able to look after anyone else and that includes your child.

Take a break, have that coffee, go for that walk, see your friends, recharge your batteries, you will feel better for it and you will be able focus on your child 100 times better because of it.

Looking after yourself is not being selfish, looking after yourself should be a priority.

I swim to take my time out and to reset my brain, it makes me feel better, gives me a chance to mix with other people, and because I can’t take my phone I am away for all distractions, including texts from my teenager or husband about random stuff.

Find your thing, find what  makes you happy and helps you to become you and do it, do it regularly, and don’t feel guilty, remember you work so hard the rest of the time you deserve it, and so does your family, a Happy Mummy or Daddy is always going to be better then a miserable one.



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