Swimming Lessons 2016-09-24

My son has swimming lessons on a Saturday morning at the local leisure centre.

I took him this morning as I normally do and yet again it was a different teacher, this is starting to drive me mad as not only do they think that it is ok to swap and change the teachers without letting anyone know. They never pass on any details about any of the kids to the people that have to cover.

So again I have to explain to a slightly terrified looking young lass that my son is Autistic, that he can follow instructions but if you don’t say his name then he won’t understand that it is him you are talking to, that its normal for him to float off and spin around in the corner on his own and that I understand that he will do this but if she is clear and uses his name that he will come back.

Oh and btw he won’t talk, don’t offended by this, he’s non verbal and generally won’t talk to anyone at all other than me, and even I only get very limited responses from him.

I am sick of this, out of the last 5 lessons that he has had he has only had his actually teacher once, a lot of the time if I knew in advance I wouldn’t take him I would just take him myself.

Starting to think that it is time to look for something elsewhere for him.



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