Minecraft Lego 2016-09-25

My son is obsessed with Minecraft but he is only 6 and the lego Minecraft sets are for age 8+

The thing is that even though he is 6 he is not mentally 6 he is much younger but he has seen these lego toys in the catalog and because they are minecraft and he loves minecraft he is nattering for them. The problem is that they are 8+ and he struggles to do even the basic lego sets, and isn’t really that interested in building it himself.

My thoughts are that if I get him them he will be happy to receive them, he loves it that much, but then it may be a waste of money as he won’t be able to do it. My daughter will be able to do it for him, and she would be happy to do so, but then what’s the point? I might as well just get her it.

I am starting to put toys away for Christmas, I know it is early but I need to be organised financially as much as everything else.

I am struggling to decide on this one whether to get him some or not, maybe something small? That way he has something but I haven’t spent a fortune on it?



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