Multi vits – Big and Strong

I have previously posted about food and about how it is always a battle to get him to eat anything that is even nearly healthy and varied.

The dietitian has recommended that he takes some multivitamins to help supplement his diet, but she couldn’t recommend a brand or a type as she wasn’t allowed to do that.

It has been a long search as my son refuses to have anything that looks like a sweet, we have tried many sweety looking ones, I have also tried them and to be honest there are a few that I can understand why he won’t eat them.

I was giving him the wellbaby vitamins which come in a bottle with a spoon, he will take them this way as I tell him its his Big and Strong medicine, he is very keen to be big and strong so he takes it without a problem.

The problem that I have been having is that he is getting bigger and as he gets bigger the vitamins and minerals within the medicine isn’t enough to be able to maintain him.

In the shops locally I haven’t been able to find any medicine type supplements, but I have been onto the vitabiotics website, these are the people that make the wellbaby, wellwoman and wellman vitamins, they also do a well kid one but I had never seen it as a medicine until I went on their website.

I ordered 3 bottles as they are 3 for 2 at the moment and stocked up.



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