Haircut Time 2016-09-26

This Morning it was time to cut my son’s hair. I try and leave it until I can’t bear to look at it anymore and he is starting to look scruffy or until my husband starts nagging me to cut his hair, its easier to do both at the same time.

He doesn’t like having his hair cut, he doesn’t like the shaver and doesn’t like that I can’t do it on a ‘zero’ for him, this causes lots of stress, it is a 2 man job to cut his hair, and this is the reason that he has it cut by me and not a hairdresser.

We discovered that although he doesn’t like me cutting his hair, he hates anyone else doing it, so that was when we decided that I would just cut his hair at home when it needed doing.


So I sit him on a dining chair in the middle of the kitchen, put a coverall on him that I bought for super cheap from Amazon, and then proceed to try and cut his hair, he wiggles, he whines, he pulls faces, my husband has to help hold his head still so I don’t cut his ears when I trim around them.

He screamed when I refused to do it on ‘zero’, there is no way that he is having a skinhead hair cut, I think he knows that the shorter it is the longer it will be before he needs it cutting again.

I do understand that there is a lot of sensory things involved here, there is the noise from the clippers, there is the feeling of it rubbing against his head, there is the having to stay still, there is a lot going on for him.

We did it though, and he looks much tidier, even if he wasn’t so happy about it at the time.



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