Maxi Fun Club 2016-09-26

There is a local SEN group that I take my son to and its called Maxi Fun Club, on Saturday we went to their soft play session, we usually stay for food but K hasn’t been eating that well lately so I thought that we would give it a miss this week.


As usual he couldn’t wait to get there, we walk to the soft play session as we are lucky enough to live really close by, he ran most of the way there and then straight into the cafe. The normal routine is that I buy us a drink and then we walk down.


There were 2 bouncy castles today a really big one with a slide and this little one, he always stays on the little one when it is up and plays with the toys that are near it, the rest of the kids stay on the big one, he doesn’t like to play with the other kids he likes to do his own things.

Such as have a little spin on his own

He loves this session so much it is a shame that it is only on once a month.


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