The Morning Routine 2016-09-28

The morning routine is as important to my son as the night time one is, he has the same routine on a school day and a Saturday, it is more relaxed on a Sunday as we don’t need to be out and about.

He doesn’t usually make any noise when he wakes he normally waits for us to go into him.

Once we go in he jumps out of bed and runs to the loo, and then back to his room to get dressed before going downstairs.

He can dress himself but he struggles with fastens and buttons, we have got him school trousers without a fasten and allow him to leave his t-shirt unbuttoned to prevent any upset if he needs to change at school.

He goes straight into the kitchen and gets his bowl and cup out, he has a Christmas bowl that he uses every day, he gets extremely upset if he isn’t allowed to use this bowl so we just go with it, he has a sports bottle to drink out of, he can drink out of a cup but he refuses to and he can be quite clumsy so we don’t want him to get his drink down him

He has the same cereal every morning and he has milk to drink.

Then its upstairs to get washed and have his teeth brushed before finally being allowed to watch tv or go on the ipad, we don’t allow him to have his ipad or cartoons on the tv until he is ready for school.

We leave for school once Peppa pig has finished on channel 5, I am not sure what we will do if they ever change the times of the tv programs.



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