What colour are Mummy’s Eyes? 2016-09-29

A simple question that my daughter asked my son the other day when they were playing Sims on the laptop.

Like all kids of that age he wanted to make his family out of the sims, so they set about it, ‘what does Mummy’s hair look like?’ she asked him, he happily pointed to hair which is similar to mine

‘How tall is she?, How Fat/Thin is she?’ She asked, again he is happy to point to something like.

‘What does she like to wear?’ no problem at all, he picked out some clothes, and then she asked him

‘What colour eyes does she have?’ and he was stuck, I know he struggles with eye contact but I just assumed that he would be able to answer this.

‘Go and have a look’ she told him,

‘NO!’ he shouted back at her

‘Go on, its fine’ She told him

‘NO!’ he shouted again

‘Go and look’ She said ‘I bet they are blue’ (they’re not)

‘NO!’ he shouted this time starting to get upset

‘Don’t worry’ she said, ‘I will look for you’

He immediately started to calm down.

I know that he struggles with eye contact, but it never occurred to me that he wouldn’t be able to look and see what colour someone else’s eyes are. He was adamant that he wasn’t going to do it, he couldn’t bring himself to even look at me while the discussion was going on.



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