October Picture Challenge, Day 31

Today’s picture that makes me smile is


How can you not love this image?


D is for… Diagnosis

The dreaded diagnosis of autism can actually come as a relief to many parents.

Quite often you will know that your child is different and the diagnosis is the confirmation that you need and the key to opening to door to support that you may need.

To others it is a shock, it leaves you feeling lost and in need of support, there are lots of places out there that offer support the national autistic  society is one of these places.

When we got our diagnosis for our son he was 5, we had known for a long time that he was autistic but this was the stamp to say that he actually was, I started to feel very depressed it was like I was mourning for the child that I never had and I had to come to terms with the cold fact that he was different and that he wasn’t just delayed.

The process can be a long process with a lot of waiting and assessments, you may question if it is even worth it at times

Stay strong keep talking to each other and hopefully you will get there and get the answers that you might need.

When morning routines go wrong..

This morning when we came downstairs my husband was still here getting ready for work and he was in the kitchen doing his packed lunch, so I said to K that we needed to wait a little bit before doing his breakfast so we don’t get in the way.

He was fine with this, his normal routine is straight downstairs into the kitchen and breakfast.

Once my husband was sorted I said to K that we would go and get his breakfast now, this is when the meltdown started, he refused to eat anything and got very upset, very quickly.

I told him that he needed to have some breakfast, and that it is ok to have it now and not when he gets up, he refused. Sat on the sofa and cried.


So we had a bit of a Mexican standoff which resulted in him doing this, hiding under a blanket while he calmed down, obviously I tried to comfort him, most of the time when he is like this though it is better to let him create his own zone and calm himself down, my interference usually just increases his stress levels.


After a short while he popped his head out and smiled at me, the blanket had done its magic, he still wouldn’t eat anything, but I have managed to get him to drink some milk, he has been told no ipad until he eats but he isn’t bothered, he is just under the blanket.


I have told him to let me know when he is ready to eat something, but I think we have probably missed that window now, he only eats breakfast in that small time frame and we missed it today by asking him to wait a bit for Daddy to get out of the way.

I am just hoping that this doesn’t mean that tomorrow morning, when he has to be up and out for school we don’t have this again, I really can’t bear the thought of sending him to school without any food in his tummy.

One morning without his routine can sometimes lead to a few days of stress trying to resettle him.

C is for …. Cause

There is no single known cause for autism, what is known is that in some cases it can be associated with genetic conditions but as autism doesn’t affect everyone with these conditions it can’t be said for sure that this is what is causing it.

There are lots of charities out there doing research into this and as more reports are released I will try and post updates.

What doesn’t cause it thought are

  • Vaccines
  • Diet
  • Parenting

No  matter what you feed your child, how you parent them or if you decide to vaccinate them, if your child is going to be autistic they will be autistic. Autism becomes more obvious as a child gets older and they start to stand out from their peers as being different, this is why a lot of the time the diagnosis doesn’t come until a child is older.

Its easy as parents to blame ourselves and believe that we have done something wrong to cause it, but rest assured, you have not.


October Picture Challenge, Day 29

Today’s picture that makes me smile is


King K, we went on a trip to Eureka with NAS and this is a picture of him enjoying the dressing up, something he normally hates