Planning a day out

Why is it that before I have even started to think about where to go I am worrying, what will he be like what we get there? What if it is busy? What if he doesn’t like it? What if he has a meltdown? What about parking? Will he be safe?

One of K’s main problems is that he cannot speak, he can make lots of noise and he communicates with us in various ways, sounds, pointing, PECs etc etc

But he cannot speak, and if he got lost somewhere he wouldn’t be able to tell anyone who he was, who he was with, or anything which would help him to locate us again.

Top that off with the fact that he likes to explore, he is 6 after all, and like any 6 year old he likes to trot off and do his own things.

Trying to stroke a balance were we feel that he is safe and he feels like he has enough freedom can be tricky, it is a real concern that he might get lost.

There is also the paranoid thoughts that all parents of small kids have about him being taken, he wouldn’t be able to shout for help, he wouldn’t know how.

This causes such a large amount of anxiety for both myself and my husband, we have bought him a bracelet that he wears when we are out for the day that says that he has autism, we hope that if he wandered off and people where unsure that this would help whoever found him understand.

We know in reality that although awareness of autism is growing, it is not as out there as it should be, people who don’t have contact with it don’t understand it.

I just wish that we didn’t have to feel like this when we go out






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