Sunday’s Day of Rest?

What now?

Did you say rest??

I have heard of this magic thing that people call rest….

But when you have kids and you work and your husband works weekends so you are home alone with the kids, restful it is not.

So today on the so called day of rest I have

  1. Been woken up way to early
  2. Taken K to a play centre
  3. Taken some toys to a charity shop
  4. Cleaned the bathroom
  5. Dusted the whole house
  6. Sorted/ Ironed/ Put away washing
  7. Cooked a Sunday Dinner
  8. Been to the shop and bought junk, and slippers and work clothes

none of the above was particularly restful, but if I am honest I wouldn’t have it any other way, I love being busy, I love doing stuff with K and my daughter, who went shopping in town with friends today and came home with a new bra and matching knickers (of all things)



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