Its Started already…

People asking what they should get my kids for Christmas, the eldest is easy she is happy with money or gift cards, or she has a amazon wish list which is full of books or DVDs that she wants, I send the link to her list to people and tell them that they don’t have to get her stuff from it, but it might give them an idea of the sort of thing that she likes.

The boy on the other hand, I have no idea myself, I am still trying to work out what we are going to get him, he has just willingly let me pack up nearly all of his toys for charity shop/ local pre-school/ tip

So now I feel like it needs to be replaced, but what with? He doesn’t really watch DVDs, and there haven’t been any films out this year that he was that bothered about, he likes spiderman, a lot, but he has lots and lots of spiderman toys, clothes, books, furniture etc etc, and without wanting to sound mean, we have enough, he doesn’t play with any of it, there really isn’t much point in buying anymore.

The only thing he really likes is minecraft on the ipad, there are lots of toys which are minecraft related, but although he will be happy to receive them, he won’t play with them.

so plans so far are

  • Grandad – Lunch box for school (I bought him a new one for September but always need a spare.
  • Nana – PJs, Dressing Gown and slippers
  • Grandma/Grandad – Game for nintendo DS, there is one that he wants, not sure if he will play with it but he wants it
  • Auntie – Selection box (chocolate not sweets) Colouring stuff
  • Uncle 1 – Bath Stuff
  • Uncle 2 – Drinks bottle
  • anyone else that asks – bath stuff/ chocolate

As to what we will get him…. I have no idea!





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