Things I never thought I would say…

There are some things that as a parent you never thought that you would hear yourself say, I think that this list has grown longer as my son has gotten older

  • Your not a cat, please don’t lick the milk – at soft play when I pour some milk into a cup for him
  • Please don’t meow at strangers – in the library
  • Don’t roar at people they don’t like it – in the supermarket while he is struggling to push the trolley that he refuses to let me help him with. 
  • I’m sorry he thinks he is a cat – to random strangers he is trying to meow at
  • Please don’t lick that – he licks literally anything
  • Stop rubbing your head on me it hurts -seriously it does, it hurts

At the moment the theme is generally, you are not a cat! he has a little obsession with being a cat and cats.




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