Homework is a nightmare, I hate doing it, he hates doing it, it leads to one meltdown after another, and never actually gets done. He doesn’t understand why we are asking him to do school work when he is not at school.

I have managed to get him to look at his spellings and do his reading on a week night, he won’t do it on a weekend but I am not going to push it, he is doing it 5 nights a week, as far as I am concerned that is enough.

I made a decision,  a decision that the school probably won’t agree with, but a decision that will make our lives less stressful and more manageable.

I am not going to get him to do any homework

I am not going to put him through the stress of looking at it

I am not going to have the tears and the tantrums

I am not causing stress in our lives that we don’t need

He is not doing it

You may not agree with this, and I am sure that the school don’t but he is 6 and he doesn’t need that stress, and to be quite frank nor do I

So no homework for us


Not happening

Parents night might be interesting




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