The #mygeekbox kids

I ordered a one off subscription of the #mygeekbox kids direct from their website.

It arrived in a bright blue branded box, no way of being able to hide what is inside and caused much excitement in my house as my lad realised that it was for him.


Inside it was a variety of toys, all of which are things that my son identified with straight away, he knew what it all was and was happy to receive all of it.

SO…. what was inside it (I didn’t get a picture of him upboxing it or of them in their packaging, he was just to excited to cooperate with that)


Lots of little bits which came in much larger packaging, like all toys seem to do, a Yoshi pull back car, a Fin and Ghost Princess from Adventure time, a Iron Man soft toy, a transformers packet toy and a pokemon hat.

The boys favourite toy is the pull back car, my husband has taken Fin to stand next to his PC, the rest he likes but he isn’t as fussed with as the toy car.

Do I think it is value for money? Yes I think that what you get in the box is worth the money that you pay for it.

Would I get another one? Maybe, its not something that I would subscribe to to receive every month, I think that its expensive and that it needs to be a treat not just something that he receives regularly.

Below is a slideshow of badly taken pictures from the box.

If you are interested in getting yourself one of these boxes, they do adults, kids, boys and girls so lots to choose from their website is here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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