Swimming Lesson

This morning’s swimming lesson was much better than the last couple as his teacher is finally back, he was so happy to see her he flapped and whooped and span around, he got in the pool really happy.

I watched him trying to swim up and down, he was hopping along the bottom of the pool for most of it but he did manage to do some swimming which is great.

He is going to be assessed next week though, to see if he is ready to move up to the next class, I am hoping that they don’t move him up he is nowhere near ready and I am concerned that if they do that his confidence will be knocked and we will start to struggle to get him to go to lessons.

So next week I will be having a chat with his teacher and making sure that she is not moving him up, if she is thinking about it then I will be asking her not to. He is settled in that group but he is not ready to move up.



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