We will not be going to the fair… 2016-10-11

Its the local fair this week, its massive, its busy, its noisy and although my eldest will be going with her friends, we will not be taking K to the fair.

Its to loud, he hates loud noises and even with his ear defenders its to much for him

Its to busy, he hates crowds, he hates been pushed and shoved by people while he is trying to walk, he walks very slow and struggles to keep up with the pace of a group of people who are moving.

Its huge, its just so big it is a total sensory overload, it would be to easy to loose him in the crush and he can’t talk so is unable to let anyone know who he is and who is he’s with.

There are to many lights, its to much for him, he likes lights but when they are flashing and spinning its just to much for him.

Its smelly, the smells are (in his words) yuck

Generally it is just to much for him, he likes to look of it when he saw it on the news tonight but unfortunately its just not for him. Its a sensory overload, maybe we will take him out somewhere else instead.

I have asked the eldest to get him a balloon and some sweets when she goes so he doesn’t totally miss out.




2 thoughts on “We will not be going to the fair… 2016-10-11

  1. I remember when I was a boy, my Mum was taking my two older brothers to the fair. She wouldn’t let me go, telling me I wouldn’t like it. I kept insisting that I would like it, but she was adamant and I stayed at home. When I was an adult I took the opportunity to go to a fair for the first time. My Mum had been right all along and knew me better than I knew myself 🙂


    • I know that he won’t like it.

      I do still feel a little mean though for not taking him even though I know that it is in his best interests. We may take him somewhere else that he will actually enjoy instead.

      I can understand why you would want to go as an adult, part of you wants to prove that your parents are wrong, but you say parents often know their children better than they know themselves.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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