So we went to a Birthday Party 2016-10-12

We don’t very often go to parties but it was my nephews 5th birthday party last weekend,  and I had promised my sister in law that we would go. Turns out that it was a good job that we were there, as between me and the mother in law we organised everything whilst the SIL who has had a small op and unable to stand for to long and the BIL looked after the children.

The party was soft play and bouncy castle, something that the boy normally loves to do but after a few minutes he had had enough and was asking for the ipad. Rather than upset him and cause problems I gave him it and he spent the rest of the party on the ipad.

We took a flask of milk for him to drink as he won’t drink juice and again its not worth the stress of trying to get him to have something.

He didn’t eat anything, I had warned my sister in law that it was likely that he would take himself off and that he wouldn’t necessarily eat anything, she was fine with this, and said that she was surprised at how well he had coped with everything, especially given how noisy all of the children where being. Noise can be a real issue for him.

So the outcome of the party was that my son didn’t interact with any of the other children, didn’t eat anything and came home and gave his party bag to his sister, but at least I was there to help out with it, I am not sure that they would have managed otherwise.

I think that it will be a while before we take him to another party.



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