Its Friday… Again 2016-10-14

And this week I am so tired, I can barely think, another busy weekend ahead but hopefully I will get some down time at some point.

Tomorrow I have to take the boy for his swimming lesson again, he is starting to improve now, its taken a while but he will now jump in on his own, if his teacher is off again I will be putting in a complaint, she was back last week but has missed 6 of his last 8 lessons!

Then we will pop to the library to change his book, we let him get one book a week, the library is in the same building as the pool and opens at the time that his swimming lesson ends so this works really well. We only get one book as more than that he gets confused with and then its a battle, one means we read it every night for a week and then we can move on.

After the library its straight to soft play, this is a few miles away and starts at 10am, they sell almost ok coffee so I get a coffee and he has an hour to play and do his thing, its a special ASD session and he really enjoys it.

Then its home for lunch, sometimes I stop at the bakery in the village where I live and pick him up some pastry (sausage rolls, cheese straws etc) sometimes I bring him home for a sandwich or meatballs. All depends on how well he is coping with being out and what he wants to do.

Then I have a few jobs to do a home, the fridge needs cleaning and so does the bathroom, I have done the food shop online for a change as it will give me the afternoon to get these jobs done, then the food will come and I can just put it away without any fuss.

Saturday I have wine and my husband is off work on Sunday so we will have a drink and a relax, then Sunday I have all of the washing and ironing to do for work/school before finally getting to have a few hours rest.

Sunday night is date night, me and the husband are going out for a meal, just the 2 of us something that we never get to do. I am really really looking forward to having some time out with the hubby.

What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever they are I hope you get some time to relax and do something you like

Have fun

Lisa xx


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