The Tooth Fairy Came… 2016-10-14

On Sunday night the tooth fairy came.

He went to bed all excited putting his tooth on the window sill, he thinks that this is  a good place for it as the tooth fairy will be able to find it.

We did the whole, lets leave it here then, the tooth fairy’s coming tonight, I hope she can find us, I hope its clean enough, I hope you are on the list….

So when we woke on Monday you would expect that he would remember this and that the 1st thing that he would do would be to run to his window, open the curtains and see if the tooth fairy had left a penny?

Nope, as with his birthday, previous tooth fairy visits, and even Christmas last year, by the time he woke up he had totally forgotten about it.

Me asking him to open his curtains didn’t help as he didn’t look on the sill

It was only when I said, ‘look, what’t that?’ that he actually looked.

Then he saw the penny, picked it up and put it straight into his money box.

One of the things that I find quite difficult about autism is that he doesn’t get excited about these things, that he doesn’t remember when he wakes, that he doesn’t fuss, the tooth fairy is just a small thing but when he wakes on Christmas morning, I want him to wake early, I want him to fuss, be excited, be banging on our door asking to go downstairs.

This has never happened, every year we have had to go in and tell him that Santa has been, maybe this year will be different?




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