Currently Reading…Wastelands by Stephen King

Th 3rd Gunslinger book, this is a series of books by Stephen King, they are quite old and there is a film of the 1st one (The man in black) due to be released late this year early next year…

Here’s my summary of what the books are about

Book One…

Roland (the main guy) follows the man in black across the desert, kills lots of people in a town, meets a boy called Jake, boy dies, catches man in black, talks to him, they fall asleep, wakes up later on and man in black is no longer there.

I really enjoyed this one, it took me very little time to read it and it leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Book Two…

This one is called the Drawing of the three, Roland wakes up on a beach, some crab type things eat his toe and a couple of fingers, 3 magic doors appear, 1st one has Eddie behind a drug addict who he pulls through into his world, the 2nd has a black woman in a wheel chair behind who has a bit of a personality disorder and the 3rd one has a guy known as the pusher behind, he is important, and becomes more important in book 3. Oh and Roland gets sick and Eddie gets off drugs.

I also really enjoyed reading this one, I love the character of the woman, I like Eddie and Roland’s interactions, and the evil crab things are fantastic

Book Three…

Well I am only about 30% of the was through and already I can see that it is much longer than the other books, Jake is back  and Roland is going mad, a consequence of some of the things that happen in book two. I am enjoying reading it, but not as much as the first two books, there have been some interesting developments in Roland’s world and the creatures that are on it.


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