This weeks Library Book… Help by Sally Grindley and Peter Utton

This weeks library book is a new series that I will be writing looking at the books that my son chooses each week from the local library. We only ever get one book a week from the library as he gets overwhelmed at home when he has to much choice this means that at the most this will be one post a week.

This weeks is called ‘Help’ and is written by Sally Grindley and Peter Utton. This is a lift the flap book and my son chose it purely because of that fact, even at 6 he loves a lift the flap book.


As you can tell by the cover this book is a play on the three pigs/big bad wolf style fairy tales of old, there are some lovely illustrations through out the book. My son really liked the wolf, the teddy bear and the little mice in the corner. We made sure that as we read it the mice had suitably squeaky voices.


It also has just enough text, for me a good bedtime story should have enough text to last about 10-15 minutes and this is just about right for that.

My son likes this book a lot, he liked looking under the flaps and seeing what’s behind them, he particularly liked the last page where it tells you to quickly close the book to stop the big bad wolf getting back inside. He grabbed the book and slammed it shut at this point.


I really like this take on the 3 little pigs, its really clever, instead of following the story in the traditional way it tells a short and interactive tale of a group of pigs trying to catch the wolf to stop him doing anymore damage, there are the 3 houses (straw, wood and brick) and of course the wolf huffs and puffs and blow things down.

The wolf also hides in disguise and even though the picture makes him looks like the big bad wolf you would imagine him to be, he isn’t scary.

My son is 6 and he has ASD, he functions at the age of a 3 or 4 year old and this book in my opinion would be a perfect bedtime story for a child of that age, lots of giggles and chances to do silly voices, the sort of things that make bedtime story time fun.



2 thoughts on “This weeks Library Book… Help by Sally Grindley and Peter Utton

    • The one a week method has successfully got him away from the book we had read every night for 6 months, it has stopped us from going insane and it has meant that he gets to hear something new. Thanks for commenting


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