The Speech and Language Assessment

Last week the ASD Speech and Language Therapy service (SLT) paid a visit to my son at school. This was to assess his progress and see if there is any additional support that he requires.

He had a new therapist as his worker has retired, she is newly qualified and seemed quite anxious about speaking to me, we had a chat about K, it became apparent that there either weren’t that many notes or she just hadn’t read many of them, which didn’t help.

She said she had spoke to a SLT worker who had worked with K in this past, this was the lady who saw him two or 3 times when he was at preschool (age about 2-3) before he moved to the last worker who has left. He was referred on due to his autism.

I left her to observe K and to get back to me once she had done this with a plan, I received a letter yesterday saying that she had tried to call us to discuss K, I would argue that this is not the case as we haven’t had any missed calls on either the landline or our mobiles, maybe she has the wrong numbers, or dialed wrong, although I also doubt this is the case.

She had put a note in to say that he had been referred to clinic for some 1:1 sessions with a therapist and attached his plan.

The referral to the clinic is a good step, he has never been to a clinic for any therapy sessions. She hasn’t said how many, how long the list is, where it might be, or anything like this.

His plan feels like a step back from what he has been doing and has lots of things on it that he has been doing for months and months with little effect.

They are recommending that he continues with his PECs and that we should push him to use them more. He has been using these less and less as he has been trying to speak more at home, I am reluctant to make him use his PECs when he is trying to speak and I only make him use them if I cannot understand what it is he is trying to tell me.

I explained to her that he can talk and that his issue is that he cannot understand why he needs to communicate and that until he understands this I don’t see how we can get him to practice/ develop his speech.

I told her that he is not incentivised by sweets/ drinks etc as he isn’t interested in anything like this, I have said he doesn’t ask for things so the option isn’t there to encourage speech that way.

The plan says that we should be offering incentives, we should be making him ask for things, sometimes with these people I feel like I am talking to myself.

I think that it will be me ringing her, or emailing her and seeing what it what, as it seems that she is not able to call us.


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