He’s not like the rest 2016-10-20

When I look at pictures of other children my son’s age doing the things that ‘normal’ kids his age do sometimes I can’t help but be sad.

My son just isn’t like other kids, I know this, but I try not to think about it. I just concentrate on what he can do and what he is like now, I know he is behind his peers and that he probably always will be, but unless I see his with other children his age, it doesn’t really feel like he is.

I suppose that he is just him, he isn’t like the others.

He does what he does, he thinks the way he thinks, but he isn’t capable of playing football for the local team, he isn’t capable of reading a book or writing a story, he can’t tell me about his day, he can’t play at the park like other kids do.

But he is lovely, he is unique, he is perfect the way he is, even if sometimes seeing him struggle makes me sad.



8 thoughts on “He’s not like the rest 2016-10-20

  1. My son has special needs and I used to worry about him being different. But now I just think of how happy he always is, he may not always be able to do the same things as his peers, but he is good at other things. Don’t be sad, just think of all the great things he can do and will achieve.


    • Thank you so much for your comment, I know I should focus on the positives, he is so amazing given all the stuff that he struggles with. and sometimes he surprises me with the things that he does.

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  2. Made me feel sad reading this. It’s hard not to wish our kids had perhaps easier paths in life isn’t it but the truth is that even the kids who look normal, have their struggles too. Everyone does. Thanks for sharing your story on #fortheloveofBLOG


  3. It can be hard to focus on the positives all the time, especially when the negatives can be highlighted by simple things. My cousin has special needs and my aunt used to keep a diary, every day she’d write down one amazing/wonderful/surprising thing my cousin had accomplished and also a reason she was thankful my cousin was her child. I thought that was a lovely way to manage her feelings about it all xx #fortheloveofBLOG


    • Thank you for your comment, what a lovely idea, I started this blog as a way to try and focus on the positives and a way to have whinge and a moan about the bad stuff, its funny how your friends get bored of you going on about how much you are struggling with it all. He is amazing and surprises me everyday, but some days I can’t help but get overwhelmed by it all. Thanks again xx


  4. My daughter is only 1 and already I am dreading her having to go out into the harsh world and stand her own. I hope with blogs like yours and ongoing research and awareness children can grow up to be patient and kind to those who appear different to themselves. Well done, sounds like you are doing a fabulous job and I bet he’s super proud of his momma.x #fortheloveofBlog


    • Thank you for your lovely comment, it feels so scary at times hopefully as society learns things will get better, until then we just need to keep spreading the word, these kids are different that’s all, and different can be amazing and positive it isn’t always a bad thing.


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