What’s inside the container? #AdpRiotTour

This weekend we did something different we went to see a shipping container with a riot scene inside…  Yes really, I am not taking drugs or going mad, this is what we did!

I had seen it the night before with my husband, it was plonked outside of a music venue that we had been to to see a band. The band were average but the container caught our eye.


We spent ages looking through the little peepholes at the tiny people and the amazing detailed scenes which where inside.


The leaflet that we picked up explains that there are no civilians in any of the scenes the only people that you see are police.

The next morning we took our little boy to have a look through the little holes, although I don’t think that he really understood what it was that he was looking at, he spent a long time walking around looking through the holes at the various different parts of the scenes.


This was fascinating, every hole in the box gives a totally different view, there are things within each view that cannot be seen from any other.

This was the last day to see it in our area, but ‘the tour continues until its final showdown at the Panacea Museam’s ‘Garden of Eden’ in Bedford on Christmas Day 2016′

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