Go Cart it is then #Christmas #Santa

We have been trying to work out what to get the boy that never plays with anything for Christmas for a while, as you might have seen, so this weekend we took him to a toy shop and let him have a look around.

The idea being that it would give us a clue about what he likes and what he is likely to want for Christmas.

We were thinking maybe a bike or a go cart as his gross motor skills aren’t amazing and he needs something that will help him with that, he got very excited about sitting in and trying out the go carts, and tried 4 of them out, settling on his favourite (and the most expensive) one.

He totally refused to even look at bikes.

This is the one that he liked Click Here – Smyths Toy Store

We then let him run around the shop and look at other things, nothing caught his eye, he refused to go in some areas of the shop altogether, even the minecraft toys didn’t do anything for him.

So it looks like he is getting a go cart for Christmas, even though he probably won’t be able to use it for a while due to the winter weather

Still not sure about getting him that one though, it felt a bit like the plastic might crack easily and I think that you are paying for the name rather than the quality of the product.

Has anyone got any experience of this that could help?


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