The Lovely Eggs at The Adelphi Hull

This weekend I went out with my husband and a few friends to see a band called The Lovely Eggs.

I had caught some of the live session which they had done on BBC Radio 6 earlier in the week, but other than that I hadn’t heard that much of them. I have to say that when I got there I was pretty undecided. I didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t even sure how many people would be in the group.

So lets clear that one up first, there are two of them in the lovely eggs, they are husband and wife, he looks like a 90’s hippie and she looks like a cross between Yvette Fielding and Claudia Winkleman.


From my viewpoint, which was stood on the chairs at the edge of the room I couldn’t get a picture of them both but here she is in all of her Yvette/Claudia glory.

The gig was packed, I have never seen the Adelphi so busy, for a small venue they have managed to pack in a good number of people. The beer was flowing, although they don’t serve the cider I like, lager was fine, and my husband was very much enjoying the Ale.

The music was ok, the band was ok, I I found their kind of pop rock punk noise inoffensive (even with all the swears), it just didn’t have enough ooomf, enough feeling, it just needed more energy at times, not as bad as that time I went to see The Offspring and would have had more fun at home listening to the CD but still it just needed something.

She seems lovely, they guy seems lovely, she can sing, she has a good voice, and they can both clearly play their instruments well. Maybe they just need a little bit more polish to help them gain a better stage presence.



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