Its the weekend!! #bringiton

So here we are weekend eve again, another very busy week done, lots happened as the kids have been off school for half term, we have been working though so the lad has been at my Mum and Dad’s and the eldest has been doing stuff at home.

She worked for my sister for a day and earned herself some money for the weekend.

So this weekend we have plans

I have the usual stuff, the washing, the cleaning, the shopping, swimming lessons, but I also have a hen night on Saturday night with my daughter, we are going to the meal, its murder mystery so expecting it to be fun.

My son has a Halloween party on Saturday afternoon with a local disabilities group which should be fun, he loves going to this group, there is a huge bouncy castle.

Sunday is going to be a rest day though, for at least some of the time, I have a book that I really want to get into and have barely had time to look at it this week.

Have a good weekend everyone, what ever it is that you are doing ūüôā


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