My Autism Survival Kit…

This is my kit, my list of things that I always have with me when I am out with my son, things that help keep him calm when there is a chance that he may meltdown or struggle with the situation.

These are my top 5 things, the things that I never leave the house without.

  1. Ear Defenders to block out loud noises, these are especially helpful if we go out for a meal or to anywhere that might be busy.dsc_0040.jpg
  2. Flask of Milk, he won’t drink juice and will often refuse to eat anything out of the house so milk is a good option for him.12669537_10154467522362656_4885222265268245094_n
  3. iPad, we don’t ever go anywhere without the ipad, he uses it to zone out from everything around him, he uses it to entertain himself, he uses it just to cope with stuff.img_20160605_174649
  4. A charger and a portable power pack, this is to charge the iPad if it goes flat, an absolute God send at times.
  5. Travel towel/ blanket, sometimes when it he anxious the only thing that helps is to wrap him up, I have a micro fibre travel towel, which weighs almost nothing, I always have in it my bag when we are out so that I can wrap him up if he needs it. Its also handy as a towel.dsc_0055.jpg

This all just goes in a small rucksack that I chuck on my back when we are out, it might seem a lot to carry around to some people, on top of your normal stuff, but without it there are times that we would just have to turn around and go home.


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