C is for …. Cause

There is no single known cause for autism, what is known is that in some cases it can be associated with genetic conditions but as autism doesn’t affect everyone with these conditions it can’t be said for sure that this is what is causing it.

There are lots of charities out there doing research into this and as more reports are released I will try and post updates.

What doesn’t cause it thought are

  • Vaccines
  • Diet
  • Parenting

No  matter what you feed your child, how you parent them or if you decide to vaccinate them, if your child is going to be autistic they will be autistic. Autism becomes more obvious as a child gets older and they start to stand out from their peers as being different, this is why a lot of the time the diagnosis doesn’t come until a child is older.

Its easy as parents to blame ourselves and believe that we have done something wrong to cause it, but rest assured, you have not.



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