When morning routines go wrong..

This morning when we came downstairs my husband was still here getting ready for work and he was in the kitchen doing his packed lunch, so I said to K that we needed to wait a little bit before doing his breakfast so we don’t get in the way.

He was fine with this, his normal routine is straight downstairs into the kitchen and breakfast.

Once my husband was sorted I said to K that we would go and get his breakfast now, this is when the meltdown started, he refused to eat anything and got very upset, very quickly.

I told him that he needed to have some breakfast, and that it is ok to have it now and not when he gets up, he refused. Sat on the sofa and cried.


So we had a bit of a Mexican standoff which resulted in him doing this, hiding under a blanket while he calmed down, obviously I tried to comfort him, most of the time when he is like this though it is better to let him create his own zone and calm himself down, my interference usually just increases his stress levels.


After a short while he popped his head out and smiled at me, the blanket had done its magic, he still wouldn’t eat anything, but I have managed to get him to drink some milk, he has been told no ipad until he eats but he isn’t bothered, he is just under the blanket.


I have told him to let me know when he is ready to eat something, but I think we have probably missed that window now, he only eats breakfast in that small time frame and we missed it today by asking him to wait a bit for Daddy to get out of the way.

I am just hoping that this doesn’t mean that tomorrow morning, when he has to be up and out for school we don’t have this again, I really can’t bear the thought of sending him to school without any food in his tummy.

One morning without his routine can sometimes lead to a few days of stress trying to resettle him.


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