D is for… Diagnosis

The dreaded diagnosis of autism can actually come as a relief to many parents.

Quite often you will know that your child is different and the diagnosis is the confirmation that you need and the key to opening to door to support that you may need.

To others it is a shock, it leaves you feeling lost and in need of support, there are lots of places out there that offer support the national autistic  society is one of these places.

When we got our diagnosis for our son he was 5, we had known for a long time that he was autistic but this was the stamp to say that he actually was, I started to feel very depressed it was like I was mourning for the child that I never had and I had to come to terms with the cold fact that he was different and that he wasn’t just delayed.

The process can be a long process with a lot of waiting and assessments, you may question if it is even worth it at times

Stay strong keep talking to each other and hopefully you will get there and get the answers that you might need.


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