E is for…. Echolalia

Not sure if I spelled that right, E is for echolalia, this is when a child (or adult) with autism repeats something that they have heard over and over again, sometimes totally at random and quite often when it isn’t appropriate.

They will often repeat things that they have heard on the radio or television, little catch lines from adverts ‘lets see what’s in the red bowl’ or ‘always keep away from children’ but this has no relevance to anything that is happening at the time.

My son does this sometimes, he is non verbal, he can’t hold a conversation with you, but he can repeat things, he will often say ‘mums turn‘ totally randomly, he seems to do this without even realising he is doing it at times.

I have seen examples of kids that don’t repeat out loud but write things out using lego or plastercine to make the letters, obviously highly intelligent but unable to have a conversation.



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