F is for… Friends

Lots of children with Autism find it really hard to make friends, its not that they don’t want to have friends it is because they lack the social skills that they need to be able to make friends.

They struggle with eye contact and don’t read social cues very well, some like my lad aren’t able to speak and the pressure of having to have a conversation can mean that they shy away from trying to make friends,

They need more support to be able to learn to socialise, small group work at schools can help, teaching them to take turns and to ask and answer questions appropriately can help, it takes time and patience to help someone learn how to interact with other people but it is very rewarding.

Not putting pressure on them to talk, letting them sit and listen without the pressure can really help, making space for them to be able to take themselves away without having to explain why can also help, sometimes knowing that if they are feeling overwhelmed that they can just leave can be very helpful.


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