This Weeks Library Book – Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl by Michael Foreman


This week K chose ‘Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl’ by Michael Foreman from the library. I am not sure why he chose this one as the picture on the front isn’t something that would normally grab him but he was very keen to bring it home, so bring it home we did.

The story is about a boy called Joey who is a newspaper seller, he has his money stolen by some bullies and then Origami Girl appears out of his paper bag and they chase down the boys who stole the money to a warehouse full of baddies and robbers, they then capture the Big Boss and take him to the police station and everyone gets their stolen property back.


The story takes about 10-15minutes to read and the pictures inside the book are nicely drawn, my son particularly likes the origami girl as she sweeps out of the newspaper bag in this picture above.

The pictures allow for lots of discussion about what is happening and who everyone is, which is great for encouraging that young speech and inquisitive mind.


My son really enjoys this story and has asked for it every night since we brought it home from the library, he likes the colours in the pictures, and he likes the characters and he likes the story, especially at the end when Joey is in the front page of the paper for beating the baddies


This book is ideal for any child aged between 3-5, the language is nice and clear and easy for them to to follow and the story is just the right length to keep their attention.


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