H is for… Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies, does your child have them? does your child have that little thing that they are interested in more than anything else?

Mine does, but his interests aren’t just interests they turn into obsessions, he doesn’t know when to stop.

This is common with a lot of people with autism, they find something fascinating, and then they must have everything to do with it, they must research it, learn about it, know everything to do with it.

It often starts with something small, but this slowly grows over time.

My son’s last big thing was spiderman, it slowly took over everything, most of his clothes are spiderman, his bedroom is spiderman, his plates, his cups, his bags, his lunch box, everything is spiderman.

Slowly however, this is changing, he is starting to show a real interest in minecraft and starting to want things that are related to this.



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