Hooray for the Weekend!!

Every Friday when I leave work for the weekend its like taking a deep breath and being able to breathe again, I like my job and my colleagues but by Friday I am tired and ready for a break.

Tonight I went to pick my kids up from my Mum and she asked if we wanted to stay for tea, that was a big ‘Yes Please’ so we had fish and chips and K had his usual turkey dinosaurs and a potato waffle.

We discussed Christmas and who is going where and what the kids want and who should buy what, she found some minecraft toys that he would like, even if he doesn’t play with them they are the sort of figures that I could put on his windowsill for him, so its a good choice. Plus he already has a couple of similar toys and he loves them.


I have just got home and after washing the breakfast pots that my husband who didn’t start work until 11am said he didn’t have time to do (eye roll) I am starting to think about plans for the weekend.

There isn’t any soft play this weekend as they have cancelled it, its a shame but it does free up Saturday morning a bit, he has his swimming lesson and we need to change his library book.

My husband is off this weekend, so I am meeting a friend for a coffee tomorrow, on my own, without any children, just me, I can’t wait!

Then on Sunday we are going to cinema to a autism friendly screening of Trolls, I will let you all know how it goes.

I shall also be partaking in a glass or 2 of wine since I haven’t had a drink in about 3 weeks and I think a weekend with the husband is worth celebrating.

We will not be going to any fireworks



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