I is for… iPad

The iPad is something that is both a blessing and a curse, especially since my son is currently obsessed with Minecraft.

It has opened doors into his mind, he has used it and he does use it for educational purposes, he has accessed things that he might not have been able to.

It has helped him communicate, he has used it to help him learn to read, to help him spell, to help him with his maths.

He also uses it to unwind, he can tune out from everyone and everything when he is feeling overwhelmed, he plays his games and he watches videos on You Tube, mainly of kids opening toys or playing Minecraft.

He uses it when we are out and about, he uses it to help block out what is going on around him when it is to busy for him to cope, he uses it to distract him and it is very good for this.

My son’s iPad was given to him via a grant from the family fund to help him with these things.



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