No Fireworks for us..

We’re an autism family

There are 2 things that my son hates more than anything else, loud noises and crowds, so even though I love a bonfire and a firework display we will not be going.

He really struggles with the bangs and the flashes, we have taken him before and it has been a complete disaster. He loves watching them out of his bedroom window, where the sound is dulled down and there aren’t any other people around.

But up close at an actual display causes all sorts of problems for him, even wearing ear defenders doesn’t help. He gets very stressed out and starts rubbing his head and pulling his ears, he gets upset and panicky, its just not worth it.

So we are going to stay home, we are going to drink hot chocolate, we will let him watch them out of the bedroom window, we will snuggle him in his bed at the normal time with a story just like we do every night.


We will help him to feel safe and warm and happy and not join in the rest of the country and their fireworks.

What’s important for him isn’t that he gets to see fireworks and gets to join in with these things, its that he is happy, warm and safe and at home with us it the best place for him.

If you are going out tonight for a bonfire and firework display… have fun


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