J is for… Just Beige Foods?

Yeah I know, technically that’s cheating but that is all my son eats, just beige food, we call it the beige diet.

He has problems with anything new, he won’t try new foods, he doesn’t like sauce, he doesn’t like spice, he only likes bland soft foods.

This is something that is common for a lot of children and adults with autism, food can be  a reals sensory minefield, from the texture to the taste there is just so much that can be difficult for them to deal with.

New foods can be scary, not only because you don’t know what they taste like, but you don’t know what they will feel like either.

Eating foods that are a certain colour or texture means that it will be safe and it takes the anxiety out of it. Stops any stress that it might cause if it were something new.

This makes eating out almost impossible, and going on holiday a challenge as there are so many unknowns.

My son has the same pack up every day for school, he can’t stay hot meals as he won’t eat any of it, he has the same foods for his tea most nights and always has the same breakfast, he will only drink Milk, we give him supplements to help his maintain his health. New foods cause meltdowns, even if they are just on his plate and we are not asking him to try them.

We do try to get him to try new foods and we do put foods on his plate, or offer him ours but it always gets the same reaction, the sad thing is that when he was little he had a varied diet, there are so many things that when he was tiny he loved, loads of fruits and vegetables, he had a really good diet.

Unfortunately this is also pretty common in kids with autism, as they get older they slowly get more restrictive with their diet.




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