Autism Friendly Cinema Trips


We go to the cinema pretty regularly and this is because of the fantastic relaxed autism friendly viewings that most of our local cinema’s offer.

We have been to see a lot of films and my son absolutely loves it.

The main differences that make this an Autism Friendly Viewing are

  • The lights stay on, they do dip them but they don’t turn them off so you are not sat in the dark
  • The sounds stay low, its loud enough for you to hear it, but its not up to its normal levels.
  • Its more relaxed children can get up, walk about, and make sounds without worrying that they are disturbing people

All three of these things mean that I can take K and  he loves it

He can’t sit through a full film, he is up on his feet and walks up and down between the seats a bit of the time, he just stands and watches it for most of the time, he sometimes crouches down on the floor in front of his seat, he likes to hold the seat in front and jumps up and down when he is excited.

He doesn’t like to much noise, when I have taken him to see a normal viewing we have had to take ear defenders with us, at the autism viewings I don’t need to do this as I know it won’t be to loud for him.

With the lights still on he can see where he is and what is happening all around him and he doesn’t find the experience to intense or overwhelming.

These viewings happen very regularly at various cinema’s up and down the country, if you are interested in finding out more then you should check out the dimensions website which is always up to  date with the latest films and locations.

Tickets can be booked in the same way as usual but some cinema’s do offer discounted or free rates for carers so sometimes you are better paying on the  day than booking in advance.



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