K is for… Kisses and Cuddles

I remember been told that people with autism do not like kisses and cuddles, reading books and reports and been told that contact is something that children with autism struggle with.

And while he hates been touched by anyone he doesn’t know, with me at home he is very loving, he loves to snuggle, especially with a blanket and a book, he is always kissing me, sometimes a bit randomly, but he does it all the time.

He is the most loving cuddly little thing, and in regards to him all the things that I read were wrong.

Now I know that is not the case for everyone, I know that to some children have a cuddle is something that the really struggle with and in a way I think that I am lucky that my little one loves a snuggle.

He also likes small spaces and will shut himself in boxes and cover all of himself with blankets, I suppose it gives him a feeling of being safe.


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