O is for… Order

Order is something that a lot of people with autism need to be able to cope with things day to day, they need things to be done in a certain order, they need the house to be kept in a certain way to be able to manage the day to day things that everyone else might be able to deal with without even a thought.

My son needs to get up, dressed and eat in a  certain order, if you mess it up or try and change things, then he won’t eat, he will get very stressed and upset.

Normally it is not such a problem, if we are at home and it is a normal day where we are not doing anything unusual or don’t have to be anywhere different at a different time.

The issues come when we go on holiday and we are in a different place where the food might be slightly different, the times for things might be slightly different and because we are away we might want to do things in a more relaxed way.

K can’t deal with doing things in a more relaxed way, he can’t cope with a slightly different breakfast, he can’t cope with doing things at a different time, we have to take his cereal with us to ensure it is the same, we have to keep to the usual clock and have to try to keep things as normal as possible.

Even when things aren’t, having this order is the thing that helps him feel safe.


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