Q is for.. Quiet Time

Quiet time is so important, that time to wind down and to switch off, especially when it has been a mega busy day and they are feeling overwhelmed.

My son will often take himself off and put his headphones on and put a blanket over himself to create a safe quiet space, he tends to do this after school when he has been busy and with a lot of people, he needs to have this time to be able to process the day and  understand what he has been doing.

Without this time he can get very grumpy, he sometimes gets upset, rocks and rubs his head, we let him have as much quiet time as he needs, some days after 10minutes he is ok other days it can be an hour or even longer, it all depends on what he has been doing during the day.

Quiet time or time out time is very important and should never be underestimated.



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