Advent Calendars Bought from @thorntonschocs


This weekend I decided to brave taking my son to the shops to find his advent calendar, rather than taking him to a big shop where it was likely to be very busy I took him to the Thorntons in the village centre, which even on a Saturday morning is usually pretty quiet.

It was very quiet, there was only us and one other lady in the shop, which was perfect for us as it meant that he could look and choose which one he wanted without been worried about people around him.

As we were in Thorntons I knew that I would have to spend a little more than elsewhere but not having the stress of the crowd was totally worth it, it also meant that he wasn’t going to be overwhelmed by the choice as there was likely only to be 2 or 3 designs available.

I think that there were 3 designs, I don’t really remember what the others looked like but this was the brightest one and it was the one that he chose, we bought 2 one for him and one for his big sister and he was very excited about getting his name put on his.

They are currently on 3 for 2 so I picked up a small selection box as well, for the 3 items and to have their names put on it came to £10, which actually I don’t think is to bad, totally worth it for how easy it was for us.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Thorntons for making it so easy for us and for making my little boys day by putting his name on his calendar


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