Nativity Plays #SEN #ASD

Its coming up to that time again, when children everywhere are forced to stand on a stage and perform like monkeys for their  parents, its probably really hard work for the school getting the kids in order and while some kids love it, and thrive when doing things like this.

For my son and for many like him, it is his idea of HELL!

Lets go back to reception, his first nativity play he was a Donkey.


I knew he wouldn’t like it, but I wasn’t even close to being prepared for what he was like, when I got there his face was like stone, he didn’t move with the other kids, needed prompting to stand up and sit down at the right time, being non verbal he didn’t even try and join in with any songs or movements. At the end he had a meltdown and I was in tears, I told that school that he wasn’t to do another performance, they told me that they didn’t have anyone to support him if he wasn’t in the play, I took him out of school for the rest of the week.



So year one comes round, last year, now he has his 1:1, he didn’t have this in reception, he was a shepherd this time, less dressing up to do, which suited him much better, again he didn’t stand/ sit without prompting, he didn’t sing and was very stony faced, but he had his 1:1 with him, talking to him, holding his hand and importantly ready to remove him if he got upset, he made it to the end without a meltdown, he wasn’t happy but he did smile when he saw us and gave me a cuddle before I left.

So here we are again, year 2, this year he has to be a farm animal, (do they not realise that I still have a shepherds costume from last year?) , he hates dressing up and its unlikely that he will agree to being an animal, its parents night on Thursday I think a little chat might be in order, a role that is a person would be much better for him, he will understand that better. I really don’t know how he will cope with it. Honestly I would be happier if he wasn’t included in it, he probably would to, but last year the suggestion of an alternative role didn’t go down to well.



I would like to take this opportunity to tell all the other parents out there going through the same thing, worried about this time of year and all of the expectations that it brings, all of the things that we know our children are going to struggle with, that they are not alone, its hard, its really hard, when other people are doing ‘normal’ things and you are doing all you can to keep the daily routine going , but you are not alone.




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