This weeks Library Book.. The Black Cat by Allan Ahlberg and Andre Amstutz


This is a funny bones book and I was so pleased when my son chose it, I used to love reading these to my daughter so I knew full well what to expect.

He has seen the cartoon a couple of times but as it isn’t something that is normally on telly to him the format and the characters where quite new.

This is a short story the skeletons are going down the hill on the sledge, loosing legs and then going to the boneyard to find replacements, while a black cat watches on.


Its lovely and repetitive with some great pictures, it starts with one skeleton, then two, then two and the dog.

My son loves how repetitive it is and the rhythm to the story, it doesn’t really rhyme as such but there is a rhythm to the way that it is written that you can’t help but follow when you are reading.

This book takes about 10mins to read from start to finish and there are some really good opportunities to ask questions about the story and get that interaction going with your little one.


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